So, you’re a LabFer and you want to play with the website? Cool!

  1. Hassle Mof for a login. If you don’t know who Mof is then you’re probably not really tadalafil no prescription a LabFer and maybe you should stick to cialis canadian pharmacy just looking around.
  2. Now you can write articles. Write lots of articles. If you like, you can disregard the rest of this list.
  3. If you would prefer to import articles from your own blog (instead of writing articles here), please find the appropriate plugin (login and you should see “Syndication” down the bottom left) and add your feed url. But, be nice and get the feed url for a dedicated LabF category from your blog, so we don’t publish everything you write – just the stuff you think is worth being on the site. For most WordPress feeds this will be . If you’re not using WordPress it’s still possible. Go Google it. 🙂 Seriously, it’s better for us to have relevant, well-chosen posts than for the LabF site to get filled up with pictures of cats. (Don’t worry, there’s a place for sharing cat pictures later). While you’re there, make sure that new posts from this feed will be attributed to you. PS. There’s a problem with blogs and this plugin. There doesn’t seem to be a better plugin or a fix just yet. Sorry.
  4. Add a page for yourself (with “About us” as a parent category) and fill it out with whatever you like: Resume, social networks, a nice biography, academic achievements, cool stuff you’ve made or done, pictures, stuff about your cat (see?). You can also add an iframe for your favourite personal site using the iframe plugin code (see plugin list).
  5. On the “About us” page there is a spot for listing (and linking to) your absolute best achievements. Please add a few things (not too many) to the list.
  6. Head over to the Elsewhere page and join us in other social media. In particular, join and the Labf Soup in order to feature in our combined LabF lifestream (which could possibly end up all about cats). If you’re on Flickr, please add yourself to the LabF Flickr Group and add some pics of LabFers to the pile.
  7. Add a few selected links to the stew (login and you’ll see links listed on the left), but make sure you tag appropriately. Tag your own sites with “LabF Personal Sites” and leave it at that. Spare the other tags.
  8. Comments are managed by Disqus so that people can comment using Facebook connect, their Disqus account or video response through Seesmic. If you want to help admin the comments, go get a Disqus account and tell Mof, Romana or Ange what your username is.

Playing nice – Some ideas for usage:

  • If you’re wanting to put pictures or video on the site, it’s best if you get your own Youtube or Flickr account (or similar) and link to the picture/video. We don’t wanting to burden our host.
  • Don’t edit other people’s posts. Feel free to update pages, though. They’re for everyone and need to be up-to-date. On that note, try to use timeless language for pages.
  • ..add some ideas here. This list is under construction. 😛